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Starting a new law firm? Don't buy a computer

Posted by Maria Hurtado on Sep 21, 2017 1:06:49 PM

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New law firm usually means new everything! New office, new chairs, new business cards... New computer? Think again...

So you made the leap, you and a couple of partners decided you're moving on and are starting your own, brand new law firm. Congratulations! So, what now?

The time has come for you to set up your new practice. You could be in a shiny new office in the city or taking calls from your mother's garage, it doesn't matter as long as you are able to service your clients in a comprehensive and timely fashion. What does matter, and big time, is the kind and quality of the technology you will use.

If you think about it, how many hours of your day you're sitting in front of a screen, whether it is a computer, tablet, laptop or phone? Go ahead, do the maths, we'll wait. That is A LOT of hours. Are you really going to cut corners here, of all places? Good luck, you will likely spend the money you saved in migraine pills..

There are lots of upfront costs when starting a new law firm: office bond, desks and chairs, permits, business cards, etc. Don't pile up more costs when you don't have to.


DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER:   Key technology considerations for small law firms in 2018


In the old days, you would have to buy computers, printers, phones, software and servers just to open the doors of your practice. Luckily for you, that is a thing of the past. Don't buy any of the above and go straight into a managed IT solution. Let me explain why:

  • Unless you are a very techie person, chances are you are not going to know exactly what you actually need in terms of a computer. Sales people at major computer stores will probably try to sell you either the most expensive computer they have in stock or the cheapest, nastiest piece of technology you've ever seen; after all, you did ask them for a cheap computer. You need a fast and reliable computer that will run your legal software and documents seamlessly. No more, no less. Save the expensive video cards for your kid's online gaming, your law firm doesn't need them.
  • When you get a managed device, the support is included. This means no more calling the IT support guy, arranging an appointment for him to come by, take your computer, fix it and return it in a week, charging you the amount they deem convenient. After all, it's not like you have that many options once your computer fails. Just one call to the IT guy might pay for a full year of managed support in most cases.
  • Small law firms don't need servers anymore. Your data can be stored in the cloud at a minimal cost, protected and backed up in case a disaster strikes: a ransomware attack, an office fire or even a break in. Most legal softwares nowadays are cloud based for the same reason.
  • Do you really have the cash to buy everything upfront? If you've done your research, you know by now how expensive it is starting a law firm. Don't add to that when you can get all your services, hardware and software in a (very managable) fixed monthly bill, with the added bonus of unlimited support at no extra cost. 
 Finally, if you are old school and still want to buy your own equipment, make sure you read our post about choosing a computer or tablet for lawyers before you do. Also, download our whitepaper Key technology considerations for law firms in 2017


DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER:   Key technology considerations for small law firms in 2018


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