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The ultimate support for law firms:  introducing the Boab IT Portal

Posted by Maria Hurtado on Jul 20, 2017 12:13:00 PM

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Legal matters don’t cease to exist at the end of the business day and, consequently, neither does your work. Typically, you’re so busy working on matters and looking after your clients sometimes around the clock – that it can be hard to focus on improving your own firm, and fine-tuning the way you and your people work.

It’s for this reason that the experienced team at Boab IT recently launched the Boab IT Portal.

Designed as a one-stop-shop for law firms, this straightforward and easy to use portal provides you with access to everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your firm’s technology – including your devices, services, internet, phones, printers, server backups and even your web domain. 


How does the Portal offer support for law firms?

Created specifically for, and available only to law firms, the Boab IT Portal is available to your firm at any time of the day and night.

Importantly, it allows you to manage the devices, services and technology that your firm relies upon, from anywhere. It also lets you make any changes immediately, even out of office hours.

The portal offers you a single view of your firm’s technology suite, so you can quickly see where your IT spend is being allocated, and determine if you are getting a suitable return on your investment.   

If required, there are also tools available via the portal that enable you to quickly and easily access your backed-up data, and restore it as necessary.

Plus, you can rest assured that all of the products and services available on the Boab IT Portal have been specifically chosen by Boab IT’s experienced team, for law firms just like yours.


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How does the ordering process work?

Once you have logged into your portal, you will see a range of categories – including devices; internet, phone and print; and web domains. Under each category, you can see the options that are available to you, with a monthly cost attributed to each. You simply add the items that you are interested in to an order, and once you are happy with it, you can pay securely online. It’s that easy.

Boab IT’s service team will ensure that all devices are delivered to you as quickly as possible.


Does the equipment come with any guarantee?

Absolutely. Boab IT provides clients with the comfort that all hardware devices, with the exception of Sharp multi-function devices, include a replacement guarantee. So if any workstation, laptop, tablet, firewall, data switch or IP Phone provided by Boab IT and under contract fails due to a technical failure (not dropped or damaged accidently or by a user), we will send a replacement.


What support does Boab IT offer?

At Boab IT, we specialise in providing technology solutions to the legal sector. Our expert team is available over the phone on 1800 675 805, 24/7, to answer any questions you may have, or provide guidance on which technology options are right for you and your firm.  


DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER:   Key technology considerations for small law firms in 2018 


Learn more about how the Boab IT Portal offers support for law firms that could help your firm, or contact the expert team at Boab IT on 1800 659 765