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The best printer for law firms? Why a managed print service is best

Posted by Maria Hurtado on Jul 27, 2017 1:02:00 PM


When you run a small to medium sized law firm, every dollar counts. For this reason, it’s vital that you choose the right hardware, and the right hardware services, for your firm.

As a legal practitioner, you can easily output a large amount of printed material. As a lot of documentation is still reviewed and cross-checked manually so choosing the right printer for law firms is vitally important. Plus, if you on-charge your printing and copying costs, as most legal firms do, having an in-built cost recovery feature can save everyone in your business a huge amount of time and effort.  

When it comes to selecting the best printer for lawyers and smaller law firms, it makes financial and logistical sense to invest in a managed print service, where everything is taken care of for you. This includes the provision of hardware, cost recovery, toner costs, and ongoing remote and onsite technical support, you just need to provide the paper.

At Boab IT, we have been providing managed printer services since 2013, and understand the unique requirements of law firms.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth choosing a managed printer solution from a provider such as Boab IT.


Automated cost recovery

For paperwork-heavy legal firms, being able to automate the cost recovery process for printed, scanned, copied and faxed documents is vitally important. For this reason, Boab IT developed in 2014 a solution that allows for each of the Sharp MX series printers to come with a built-in integrated cost recovery solution

With the cost recovery solution, each member of your team can simply nominate a particular matter (or use an in-house administration code) whenever they use the printer. This information is automatically tracked and collated into easy-to-understand cost summaries, which you can simply pass on to your clients.     

Even if you are working on several matters for one client – and each needs to be billed separately – you can set this up via the printer so the costs can be allocated appropriately.

By avoiding the need to manually check and collate this information – or even provide a guestimate – you’re increasing the accuracy of your billing, and ensuring that all your costs are accounted for.


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Fast, reliable and easy to use machines

When you choose a managed print service, you also don’t need to spend time or effort reviewing all of the available options in the market, and determining which is right for your business (a task that can be nearly impossible to do without the required level of hardware expertise). Instead, you simply gain access to a shortlist of machines that have been specifically chosen – by experts – to match your specific needs and printing requirements.  

At Boab IT, we realise that your clients demand fast, efficient service. When you’re on a deadline, you certainly don’t want your printer to be holding you up, or letting you down. It’s why we have specifically selected the Sharp MX range of printers – all of which are robust, technically sophisticated, powerful and able to output large amounts of documentation quickly and easily. They also maintain exceptional print quality.

Each of the Sharp MX machines also comes with a very user-friendly interface, meaning your people can transition quickly and utilise the full range of advanced functions.


Cloud-enabled printing

All of Boab IT’s printer solutions are cloud-enabled, which means you can print documents directly to (or from) your Practice Management application like LEAP or  your Microsoft Office 365 document storage. This provides you with an enormous amount of flexibility and enables you to connect with your hardware even when you’re not in the office. Scan to LEAP is also included with every Boab IT managed printer, along with cost recovery for scanning, copying and printing.


Expert maintenance and support

When you choose a managed print service, you also have a single and reliable place to turn if an issue does occur rather than needing to wait for your internal IT resources, who may not have expertise in the machine.

Thanks to Boab IT’s partnership with Sharp, all of our quality printers are maintained on an ongoing basis by Sharp’s expert technicians. So if you have a problem, it will be resolved quickly and effectively – without you having to worry about maintenance or repairs internally.   


DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER:   Key technology considerations for small law firms in 2018


Which is the best printer for lawyers? Call Boab IT to discuss your needs.  

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